Diamond Peak Wilderness – September 13 – September 20


Our 7th hitch on the PCT brought us to the Diamond Peak Wilderness in Deschutes NF where a short stretch of trail was in dire need of our attention. We immediately began work during our 7 mile hike in to camp, logging out some downed trees in the trail. Issac Daniel, our PCTA liaison, hiked in with us and acted as supervisor as Sterling and Jesse had paperwork to complete and had to hike in later that night. We worked 1.5 miles North of our campsite where we encountered some complicated crosscutting. Fortunately we were able to use our brawn and brains to tackle the project and we had some laughs and a photo shoot or two along the way. The proceeding days consisted of many checkstep placements, some timber, some stone, some average-sized, others absolutely massive (see picture below). The team continued working South past camp and came upon another crosscutting project; this one conveniently situated next to some snow. Snowball fights predictably ensued but, being the hardworkers we are, we pressed on with the trail work, setting 13 consecutive structures in the next 1/4 mile stretch of trail. Our last few days consisted of a lot of brushing and treadwork and a final logout of a tree whose width was equal to Sterling’s height. It took 10 hands and 2 rock bars, but in the end we got the best of that beast of a tree. Trail Maintained: 3610 feet Logs Removed: 16 Steps and Waterbars: 38