A Day in the Life of an SCA Massachusetts AmeriCorps Member


By: Maggie Burkett

Life in Hawley is a beautiful adventure. Each day begins with a hike up the hill to the bathhouse. This is my favorite part of the day, because I wake up early enough to see the stars shining brightly in the morning sky. The brisk trek up the hill is also a great way to wake up and be ready for anything the day throws at you. After making breakfast (there are many options!), our serviceday begins at 8:00 sharp. Most days involve icebreakers, games, and team building activities, which can be used later on when we start teaching. We are currently in our education training season, so days also consist of lessons, lectures, trainings, and lots of activities! At 5:00, we wrap things up for the day, and then have an hour to relax or do work before dinner. Nancy, the Program Assistant, cooks dinner for us (at least for now!), and the food is always amazing! The community here is wonderful, and it makes for some very fun and interesting nights. Today it snowed a TON, and I have seen sledding, ‘snonoeing’ (snow canoeing), snowball fights, and snowmen already! Our group also loves card games, movies, and going to Shelburne Falls for laundry and dinner nights. Returning to the bunkhouse at night is starting to feel normal and homey! The wonderful thing about this program is that each day is a brand new adventure with incredible learning and growth opportunities. I feel extremely fortunate to be part of such a complex, diverse, and inspiring group of people.