David Sellari


In my eighteen years on this Earth, I have realized that helping the world brings me the most joy. During my last two years of high school, I worked with a program that feeds kids who depend on school lunches over the weekends. I have to admit that the work wasn’t very hard and only took 40 mins to an hour of my time. However, knowing that I was helping to change the lives of the kids in my community for the better made the work seem effortless. Earlier this year, my mother received an email giving her general information about the SCA. She showed the email to me, and I was immediately infatuated with the idea of getting to fight for the health of mother earth. Of course, I do realize that what I do in itself will not have a huge impact. But I believe in the butterfly effect. I think that if I can do good, then the ripples from that splash will reach out farther than my eyes can see. I am extremely excited to start my first internship with the SCA. I am not only overly enthusiastic about the work itself but also about the opportunity to meet and form friendships with new people. I am a bit nervous when I first meet people, but those anxious feeling fade with a little time. I have also been playing guitar and singing for about a year and would love to teach what I know to anyone who is interested.