David Chunn’s September Update


In September 2011, my role as an SCA Sustainability Fellow with the Allegheny County Sustainability Program reached a fevered pitch with the numerous projects that support the sustainability manager’s efforts to make Allegheny County a cleaner, more cost-efficient organization. In addition to daily administrative tasks, the planning and organizing of a strategy to roll-out the GreenNurture software pilot is close to being complete. Just a few more details to work out and the software should be ready to go live! The Allegheny Green + Innovation Festival, the sustainability festival put on by the County, was successfully debuted on September 24th after months of organizing, correspondence and preparation. The festival was paired with another popular County festival (“Hay Day”) and so many more people who otherwise would not have been exposed to sustainable concepts got a chance to interact and be exposed. It was good publicity and outreach for County sustainability and for the County itself. Finally, I have continued to assist the Coordinated Weatherization Campaign by working with project partners to write and edit a “white paper” report on the annual progress of the campaign. After numerous edits and revisions, the case study article is nearing completion and should go out next week. Hooray!