Daniel Ruedin- Project Leader


This will be my third year with SCA. In 2010, I was a corps member on a trail crew in the Joyce Kilmer Wilderness Area in North Carolina. Last year I was an intern for the SCA with Friends of Nevada Wilderness in Las Vegas, Nevada. Before that, I worked for the Illinois Department of Natural Resources for years. I attended college in Illinois where I majored in Geography. My interest now is to achieve a bachelor of science in biology.

I have always enjoyed nature. As a kid, my parents would take me camping. When I was old enough, I was enrolled in Cub Scouts and I eventually made it into Boy Scouts. During my time as a Scout, I learned some useful survival techniques and I became more intrigued by nature. I started planning more and more camping trips, but living in Illinois did not offer the type of nature I craved. My realization of the importance of our land came once I took a trip to Boundary Waters. Afterwards, I was hooked on wilderness.

Before working for the SCA I worked for UPS. I eventually became a driver but I did not like my job. I took a break from UPS and went to school part time. Once the semester was over, I took a job in Washington as a Finish Carpenter. I enjoyed working with my hands and building objects from blueprints. Unfortunately, the housing market crashed and I was nearly out of work. I returned to school and began researching the SCA. After the semester back at school, I decided that I was going to serve with the SCA.

My love of the out-of-doors and concern for the environment led me to the Student Conservation Association. I only have one regret – I wish I knew about it when I was a high school student! I look forward to serving with the SCA again.

-Daniel Ruedin

Work Phone: (208)861-1039

E-mail: [email protected]