Danger 6 Take on Boston Snow


Danger Six Special Operations

Operation Save Boston

Mission Report


17 February 2015

0800 Electronic mail received from Melissa Patterson containing call to service.

0801 Daniel Dobrosielski, Emily Palmer, Nathan Salle, and Sophie Stern respond via electronic mail to service call.

Mission Leaders James Sims and Zach Colatch.

1600 Melissa Patterson sends electronic mail with mission details.

18 February 2015

0830 Danger Six meets in Hawley, Massachusetts SCA Americorps Site for mission briefing.

Melissa Patterson reveals top-secret details about Operation Save Boston. We are going to the city to help the great citizens of Boston in a time of need. They are buried under 7 feet of snow and need us to help shovel out the city. Public transportation has been greatly impacted as well as roadways and pedestrian crossings.

0930 Pack out and leave for mission destination: Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

1300 Arrive at Blue Hills Reservation housing quarters and meet with DCR contact to continue on to worksite.

1500 Arrive at Hatch Memorial Shell on the Charles River Esplanade and meet with new contact, Ozzie Bateman for further instruction.

Ozzie briefs us about mission details. There are many footbridges that cross over Storrow Drive that are buried in snow. Pedestrians, runners, bikers, and daily commuters use these footbridges every day as an alternative to cars, trains, and buses to get around the city. Without these pathways clear, they are at risk for unsafe travel.

1515 Shovel footbridges.

1700 Return to sleeping quarters.


19 February 2015

0800 Depart for worksite.

Driving into Boston was a mission of its own. Snow banks piled up ten feet high, creating narrow driving lanes and no street parking. The morning commute into Boston is hectic enough, but with public transportation also impacted from snow, the roads were a living nightmare.

0930 Meet up with Ozzie and shovel footbridges.


1345 Shovel footbridges.

     Conditions of snow on bridges ranged from heavy, dense snowpack to fluffy powder drifts. With the help of Ozzie, his machine, and the Danger Six working together as a well-oiled machine, we quickly fell into a rhythm for optimal and efficient snow removal.

1600 Return to sleeping quarters.

20 February 2015

0720 Bacon Friday Breakfast Intake.

0800 Remain at Blue Hills Reservation to aid with flat rooftop snow removal.

1100 Danger Six receives visit from Priscilla Giegis (Director of the Division of State Parks and Recreation) for handshakes and photographs.

1130 Van pack up and begin journey back to headquarters in Hawley, Massachusetts, USA. Stop and ingest donuts on the way.

1500 Arrive in Hawley for pack in and mission debrief.

The Danger Six, a Special Operations Unit composed of SCA Massachusetts Americorps members and staff, traveled to the city of Boston to aid in snow removal efforts. For three days and two nights, the unit cleared snow and received positive encouragement from many Bostonians. Although their service in Boston is complete, the Danger Six remains together and is willing to serve whenever they are needed.

Reporting: Agent Salle and Agent Stern