Dan Mikros


As early as I can recall I’ve had a passion for adventure, exploration, and learning new things. The enthusiasm I have for the natural world led me to a major in biology at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign. I’m focusing on ecology and environment with a minor in anthropology. I’m originally from the south side of Chicago, which I figure is what made me so interested in backcountry expeditions seeing as I love to get out of my element and do new things. I love studying the intersection between art and science. Before this I worked at an art gallery in downtown Chicago using film photography. I am also an avid painter and am willing to experiment with anything that allows me to be creative. There are so many directions I’d like to go with my biological education and I intend to experience all of them. One of the areas I’m interested in and have worked with to some extent is sustainable urban agriculture. I’d also like to see urban planning and environmental engineering more unified as to reintegrate nature into cities. I’ve always been in love with the forest. That’s why I am working with the SCA this summer, to live in a wilderness setting and explore a possible future in forestry.