CT Corps meets Hudson Valley


ast week the Clean Energy Corps was lucky enough to be attend the Hudson Valley Corps service project. We spent a great two days camping out and removing invasive Buckthorn, Japanese barberry, Oriental bittersweet, and Multiflora rose as well as doing some trail work to connect two trails in the area. We got to expand our tool use horizons, learn a lot about invasives, watch fireflies, sit around the campfire, and make some great friends from Hudson Valley. Everyone really enjoyed getting out of the office (and Connecticut) to do some hands-on conservation work in such a beautiful setting. Thank you Hudson Valley Corps and Scenic Hudson for letting us join in on the fun, it was great to meet you all and we can’t wait to see everyone again at the all corp roundup! Here’s some highlights from the Corps:

“Doing a service project with Scenic Hudson was a great experience. We camped on Harrier Hill (which had a beautiful view of the Hudson River) and worked with the Hudson Valley Corps. We lopped and pulled many a buckthorn, barberry, and oriental bittersweet. It was awesome.” -Bijal

“Working with the Hudson Valley Corps was a very rewarding experience. To witness such camaraderie among a team of young people was truly an amazing site. It’s good to see everyone pulling their own weight while working towards a common goal.” -Jeff

“It was with a heavy heart, that I was unable to attend the service project that took place last week. Although I heard that everyone had a rewarding and fun experience. Trail work is always a great way to bond with like minded people while keep our country’s trails healthy and safe. Next time I hope to be able to join.” -Kate

“I really enjoyed getting out of the office for a few days, and the setting was beautiful. I’m glad I got the opportunity to help keep it that way!” -Jenna

“The Service trip we participated in the Hudson Valley was a rewarding and joyous experience. Being outside of the office and doing trail maintenance and restoration was an altogether interesting and different experience than one I am usually used to. It was really fun and exciting and I would do it again in a heartbeat.” -Kevin

“The brutal heat and sun did not put a damper on our enthusiasm for the invasive species removal service project. I think it may have even fueled a fiery passion (along with the constant fear of stinging insects and lurking poison ivy) to remove as much of that dreaded buckthorn as possible. It was impressively gratifying to actually see the impact that we were making: now you see the invasives…. NOW YOU DON’T! Since then I have been on the constant look-out for invasive plants. I find them everywhere and I want to remove them all!” -Kayla

-Stacy, Bijal, Jeff, Kate, Jenna, Kayla and Kevin