CT Corps goes Camping!


The Clean Energy Corps traveled to Macedonia State Park to get in touch with nature. It was a beautiful weekend filled with adventure and wonder. We pulled off several ticks, but of course used the training we had received from SCA. Once again it was always enjoyable to get out of the office and understand the environment that our other brothers and sisters in SCA work in every day. (jeff)

Camping with the Clean Energy Corps was one of my favorite weekends since moving to the east coast. We packed up our tents and headed west to Macedonia Brook State Park. There is always so much going on in our office that it can become a pretty stressful place, sometimes and we get so caught up working together that we forget to have fun together. It was so great to have a whole weekend of just fun; camping, hiking, building fires, making s’mores, and enjoying the company of some great people. Thanks to the CTCEC for being such a fun and adventurous group, I can’t wait for our next excursion! (stacy)

Camping with the Corps in Kent, CT was crazy cool. My favorite part was hiking a beautiful stretch of the Appalachian Trail. We relaxed on a tiny beach by the river (where Kayla almost got eaten by a snake) and explored a shelter. I also enjoyed watching Jeff get stuck on a log in the middle of a creek (and then finding an abandoned jacket by the water). I fell into the fire but that’s another story. Great times! (bijal)

It was really nice to spend time outdoors with my co-workers, when so much of time is spent in an office. It was a very beautiful weekend to spend with such beautiful people. Also, I saw a watersnake swim. (kayla)

I often feel the one major missing component in our office environment is wildlife, and my favorite part of the weekend was observing/harrassing the snakes, salamanders, Crows of Unusual Size, and Connecticut campers that roamed the untamed wilderness of Kent. Luckily we didn’t cross paths with any bears or mountain lions, or I may have gotten what was coming to me. (jenna)

The corps also went on a camping trip in Kent. The weekend blessed us with beautiful weather, food and conversation! I hope it is the first of many camping trips for us. (kate)

Camping is one of my favorite pastime activities and I thoroughly enjoyed hiking the AT trail and finding a river beach to hang out on. It was also really neat to find a shelter and read some of the entries of AT hikers. At the end of our trip we went over to Kent Falls, one of my favorite spots in Connecticut. Next time we will definitely have a picnic there. (chamae)