Corps Member Hayley Peters Bio


My name is Hayley Peters and I was born and raised in the west central region of Minnesota. I grew up on one of the many thousands of lakes we have, so I enjoy being on the water more than anything. I love boating, water skiing and wake boarding. In the winter I snowboard and cross country ski. I graduated college from University of Wisconsin River Falls with a degree in Field Biology and my main interest is plants. On that note, I also grow orchids as a hobby and enjoy gardening. I also love to run, rollerblade, hike and play guitar, which I will be bringing with me to get some much needed practice this summer. I also love to draw and paint, so I’m hoping to get a few drawing done sometime this summer as well. I have only been home from my first tour overseas about a month now. I was deployed in support of Operation New Dawn last May to Camp Beurhing, Kuwait. I worked as a truck commander on convoy security missions in Iraq in order to help pull all the equipment out and close the bases up there. I am very much looking forward to this summer and the beginning of a new adventure for me.