Conversations with Gardner: Seeking internships


Get Your Foot in the Door

Hanging in the Communication Building, a flyer for conservation internships directs students to graduate teaching assistant Wayne Rysavy.

As an alumnus of the Student Conservation Association, he informs students of various opportunities available to them through internships.

“I really encourage students to get involved with the Student Conservation Association programs,” Rysavy said.

The SCA offers students a wide variety of paid conservation internships that present opportunities in restoration, education, public policy and technology.

Pulling open the top drawer of his desk, Rysavy reached in and grabbed an SCA brochure.

“The SCA is wonderful for any type of internship that you could potentially be interested in,” he said, flipping through the pages, “whether you’re into history, communication, psychology or even engineering.”

Twisting in his chair Rysavy said, “These experiences get your foot in the door and you can pick wherever in the country you want to go […] Alaska and Hawaii if you’re interested! And it’s actually a lot of fun when you pick across the country and you’re like, ‘this sounds fascinating!'” Continue Reading


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