Conservation Season: A Wild Ride


By: Erin Carpenter

Not knowing what to expect from my first trail season, I went into it thinking I’d learn how to use trail tools and that I’d get pretty fit, and thats as far as my thoughts stretched. I had no idea I was going to go through a series of peaks and valleys; and who knew Id survive to tell you about them! 

At times it felt like person vs wild out there on the trail; the humidity, the mosquitoes, and the ticks all working against you. When times got tough with the weather and bugs, you could always rely on your crew to bring you up. That was one of the aspects of trail work that I appreciated the most. The goofy conversations, the bonding moments, and working together in order to complete the project. Trail work definitely proved to be difficult as the weeks went on, but it was certainly rewarding. During the first few days, you wonder if completing the project is even possible to complete because it seems so far fetched.  However, as the hitch wraps up, you start to see everything come together and that is always an exciting moment out on the trail! Conservation season is a wild ride, full of ups and downs, but the time you spend with your corps members males the time memorable and lots of fun.