Conservation Nation’s featured member: Danielle Thompson


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Meet Dani Thompson. Just one of the SCA members you’ll connect with on…

Hello from Up Over! (Like down under, but opposite…get it!?)

My name is Dani Thompson and I welcome you to my blog– a collection of adventures, photos, ideas, and stories during my 45-week internship with the SCA in Anchorage, Alaska! That’s right. For over 10 months I will be serving as the Environmental Education and Outreach intern for the Anchorage Fisheries and Wildlife Field Office (AFWFO).

I am from Boulder, Colorado and grew up with a passion for everything outdoors! Hiking, biking, Frisbee, skiing, rollerblading, fishing…you name it, I have probably tried to do it or would if I got a chance. When I’m not outside my favorite activities include cooking, eating what I cook, yoga, being addicted to technology, making crafts and generally being crafty in the non-negative sense of the word.

So how in the heck did I end up in Alaska? Well, I accepted my totally amazing position back in March, about 2 months prior to graduating with my BA in Environmental Studies at Dickinson College in Carlisle, PA. My background working as an intern for the Dickinson College Center for Sustainability Education (CSE) and the Watershed Stewardship Program at Paul Smith’s College in the Adirondacks made me qualified, ready, and excited to take on the position of “outreach intern” at AFWFO.

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