Conservation Days!



Texas Team
The Texas Team toured Stillhouse and Belton Lakes with Park Ranger Tood Spivey. It was a lot of fun and we learned all about the area, lakes, and dam systems.

New England Team
We started are day with a smooth ride to Hodges village near the canoe launch which was connected to French river. Are location was at the Green Briar, we met up with ranger Nicole and Coby and they took us over and told us that we will be working on invasive species called yellow iris. Are job was to cut them down or pull them from the roots out. The yellow iris is a long leaf plant that has pretty yellow flowers. These beautiful flower bushes spread in the shallow and deep areas of Hodges canoe launch area and started to take over. For a few hours we worked in a small area but as the sun rose it became very hot heating up to 97 degrees and we ran out of trash bags filling the ones we had. At the end of the day we lost weight wearing the water waders in the sun and we got very familiar with the yellow iris and how they aren’t good for the dam environment.