Conservation Caption Contest, Fall 2012 Edition, Round 2


Has the 2012 Got Dirt? Photo Contest got you bummed because you love contests but have never once managed to take a single decent photo?

Well I’ve got news that’ll cheer you up: That’s right! It’s time for Round 2 of the Conservation Caption Competition, Fall 2012 Edition…

For a chance at winning a Kelty Commute backpack, come up with a caption for the photo below (taken from the entries to our 2011 Got Dirt? Contest)  and post it as a comment, either here or on our Facebook page, before 5 PM EST this Wednesday. The winner will be announced on Friday.

If you’re feeling magnanimous, share this contest with your Facebook buddies. Everyone deserves a chance to win something, even those of us who don’t know how to work a camera.

Special thanks to SCA national partner Dr. Pepper Snapple Group for making the Conservation Caption Competition, Fall 2012 Edition possible.

Click here for the full rules.