Conservation Caption Competition, Fall 2012 Edition


Welcome to the Conservation Caption Competition, Fall 2012 Edition. Every second Monday between now and December 7, I’ll be posting a photo to Facebook and calling on you, gentle reader, to caption it.

Captions are due by 5 PM Wednesday. The winning caption, as chosen by our designated caption quality evaluator, SCA intern Danielle Thompson, will be posted here and on Facebook Friday morning. The author of the winning caption will receive a small SCA prize package sent via pony express (or, more likely, the Postal Service). Yay! Prizes!

Now, please get over to our Facebook page and caption this photo of a marmot:

This marmot needs a caption.

The marmot doesn’t lie: Entries should be posted as comments, either here or on Facebook.

Special thanks to SCA national program partner Dr. Pepper Snapple Group for making the Fall 2012 Conservation Caption Competition possible.

Click here for the full rules.