Connor Penrod


I’ve lived all over the U.S. but have called San Diego home for the past seven years. I’m currently going to San Diego State University pursuing a degree in Physical Geography, and hope to continue after graduation for a Masters in Hydrology. As far as work is concerned I have worked in “tactical” stores for the past (roughly) four years; selling guns, knives, gear, etc. to Military, Law Enforcement, and Civilians. I love the outdoors, and while I don’t get outside as often as I would prefer (which would entail never coming indoors), most of my hobbies deal with hiking/camping/backpacking etc; oh and reading anything within sight.

 What drives me more than anything else is my overwhelming fear of cubicles and office settings in general, whenever I think about slacking all I have to do is visualize cramped settings and business attire. I believe that hard work combined with common sense will get you further in your life than any other combination of attributes out there. I’m in Klamath to further my career aspirations while simultaneously enjoying the great outdoors in a region I’ve never been to before.

Student Conservation Association
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