Connellsville Community Gardens – TTOC August Update


•The Community Gardens are producing a plentiful amount of produce, leading to 219 total pounds donated so far to the Soup Kitchen and Food Bank. Sadly, the Soup Kitchen is no more, but instead the Salvation Army is putting together an office in town to help people with their utility and rent bills.
o Some plants are struggling because of the national drought, so we went and got materials to connect two rain barrels for up to four hundred pounds of water, or two fifty gallon drums of storage. We had to elevate the second drum to be level with the first, then drilled holes for the spigot and now need to drill holes for connecting them side by side.
o For the upcoming Sustainability fair, Dave Stupka has made a model of the sustainable water irrigation system for demonstration purposes, and we plan to have an interactive presentation where all that is needed is a watering can, and some water for it. We will have someone from the audience sprinkle the water in the can over the scale model, showing that the water is retained in the system. I plan to take apart the current compost bin at the armory plot and lay out all the pieces after separating the crates, to see what materials from the list I need to build a new and improved compost list. I also plan to make more lattices soon.
~Joe Crumbley