Clean Energy Corps CFL Sweep


On Saturday Dec, 10th the Clean Energy Corps took to the streets of Windham to install compact fluorescent light bulbs and raise awareness about energy efficiency.

As a part of Neighbor to Neighbor Lighting! teams of three went door to door installing light bulbs signing residents up for the challenge. The event generated a lot of buzz as cars pulled off the main highway eager to sign up for the Energy Challenge.

The event was unique in that one neighborhood in Windham was specifically targeted for lighting upgrades. “The vision was that we could go into the Oxbow neighborhood start residents off with efficient lighting, move onto Home Energy Solutions, and eventually major upgrades,” said Jeff Crawford of the Clean Energy Corps. “The neighborhood can serve as a model for other neighborhoods in Windham and other towns competing in the challenge. “

In the Oxbow neighborhood 11 households participated on Saturday reducing nearly 4,000 kWh and saving residents over $700 in utility costs. To date, almost 20% of the Oxbow neighborhood as committed to the challenge.