Clara Kitongo @ Green Building Alliance


Clara is the Green Cities Fellow working at the Green Building Alliance (GBA). She is working at the GBA in their Green Schools Academy program, which aims to build strong relationships with local schools, individuals, nonprofit organizations, businesses and other education sector stakeholders to promote healthy and high-performing schools throughout the region. She assists in implementing the Green Schools Academy and supporting GBA knowledge network with support and research for events and green building projects.  She graduated from Chatham University—Pittsburgh, where she received a degree in Mathematics. She also has three years of Civil and Environmental Engineering background from the Carnegie Mellon University—Pittsburgh. Clara enjoys biking, writing poetry, speaking French, cultural immersion and events where people can interact, learn, and have fun.

Clara hopes this position will help her to understand how sustainability practices can be successfully implemented in schools because the schools play such an integral role in the impact of sustainability for communities as a whole. She hopes to eventually work within the environmental field with a specific focus on design and sustainable engineering as it pertains to community development.