Charity Rose – Education and Conservation Team


Oh hey there! I’m Charity Rose, and I’m from the majestic misty woods of Washington State. My journey to Americorps and SCA New Hampshire started way back when I was a young fort builder constructing elaborate driftwood structures at Dumas Bay Beach, on the Puget Sound. Peering beneath the rocks and hiding in the cattails, I fell in love with the Sound’s vibrant tide pools and quiet marshes. In high school, I learned that I could share my contagious excitement with my peers through interpreting the tide pool exhibit at the Pacific Science Center (an interactive science museum in Seattle). After high school, I moved across the country to Warren Wilson College, in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. There, I discovered the awesomeness that is Waffle House, honed my skills as a pie baker, and eventually earned my Bachelor’s of Science in Biology. I’m ecstatic to be spending my first year post college living among the within the whimsical white pine forests of New Hampshire, leading elementary school kids to explore and appreciate the nature in their backyards. My favorite pool toy is the foam noodle, and my patronus is a river otter.