Changing Attitudes Towards Conservation


Today, we got the insider view of some of the struggles the National Park Service is currently facing.

Pedro Ramos, the Big Cypress National Preserve superintendent, came to our campsite and joined us for dinner. After our delicious meal, we gathered around the campfire. He asked us what he can do to improve the National Park System. The main issue was relevance. How can we get the changing demographic and culture of America to care and visit their National Parks? Better yet, how an we make the National Park System a part of the American Dream? It was clear to all of us that there were multiple answers to these questions. We were all in unique positions, with our experiences, to offer different perspectives. I was inspired by the diversity of answers that my peers have discussed.

The discussion at the campfire left me very inspired and reenergized to continue my efforts back home. It’s comforting to know that there are so many others that want to create an attitude change towards conservation and sustainability.