Chad Hanna


The name’s Chad Hanna and I was born and raised in Northwestern Pennsylvania known as Greenville, PA.  There was not and still is not a whole lot going on in said town so growing up you basically needed to be creative and make your own fun happen.  Having four older brothers and a younger sister certainly did help in that category.  I found myself outdoors most of my days and loving it.  I started hunting and fishing at a young age and have always been fond of hiking and camping as well.  As long as I could be floating downriver on inner-tubes, sitting at the lake with a fishing pole, or hanging out with friends around a campfire I was a pretty happy guy.  I decided in high school that I didn’t care what kind of money I was going to make as an adult so long as I enjoyed what I was doing every day.  That was the day that I knew I was going to major in Wildlife & Fisheries Sciences and attend Penn State.  Sure enough, four years later I graduated with a B.S. and thought I was well on my way to the beginning of an exciting career.  Ha, oh was I ever so wrong about that one.

Due to budget cuts and such, job hunting in itself has become a full time job over the last year, but the thing that still hasn’t changed is my love and admiration for the outdoors and willingness to continue to learn.  I want there to still be beautiful landscapes, animals, and plants for generations to come so that others can enjoy them as much as I am.  I volunteered for the DCNR removing invasive species at a local state park and enjoyed the work.  I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity with this SCA internship and hope to gain valuable field experience, something that my resume lacks.

I have always known that there are going to be challenges throughout life and finding a job just so happens to be the current challenge.  A man by the name of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson once said, “Buy the ticket, Take the Ride”.  That is precisely what I plan on doing, wherever that ride takes me, I shall see it to the end.