Celebrating 55 Years of Innovation in Youth Conservation


This month marks SCA’s 55th Anniversary. To date, SCA has engaged nearly 70,000 young people in conservation internships and jobs, resulting in more than 30 million hours of service on federal, state, and local lands. Two-thirds of SCA alumni remain active in conservation. The National Park Service estimates 12% of its workforce started their careers with SCA.

SCA is committed to generating 10,000 conservation apprenticeships per year by the end of the decade, resulting in an even greater positive impact on our land, in our communities and for the planet. As we celebrate 55 years of innovation in the field of youth conservation, we are excited by the future programs, partners and members who will join us in continuing to make a positive impact on our land for future generations.

So, join us online as celebrate 55 years of innovation and join us as part of the SCA community for 55 more years!

  • Take a scroll through our 55 years of work in conservation by checking out our online timeline.
  • Join us for a service event at Kenilworth Park & Aquatic Gardens on Tues, June 26th as we get to work for the planet and our local community.
  • Not in DC? That’s ok, we’ll be tweeting and posting on Facebook live from our 55th celebration events on Tues, June 26th.
  • Tell your SCA story: Join us on Facebook and Twitter on Wed, June 27th and share your story of what SCA means to you. Tag your impact story as #SCA55 so we can all share in the experience.
  • Donate to SCA and help place even more young people in conservation opportunities across the country and in local communities.