Catherine Ford


Hello! I am Catherine Ford and I hail from Pensacola, FL. This is my first time working with SCA and I am super excited to be apart of the Desert Restoration Corps community. I moved to Ridgecrest with my fiancee this past May and have been getting accustomed to desert life over the past few months. I will be living in the area for the next fews years and look forward to kicking off this first year by working with the Grass Valley Crew. I grew up in the southeast but have spent a good portion of my adult years hopping around the States with various jobs. I most recently bounced back and forth between coastal North Carolina and the mountains of West Virginia (in the magical appalachian mountains!). I studied religion and sociology in undergraduate. I eventually went back to school and got my M.Ed in Kinesiology: Outdoor Education. I have spent the past 6 years mainly teaching environmental education to school aged kids. I am excited to venture into more restoration and conservation work. I am eager to contribute to the conservation projects going on in the high desert. Other than that..I love to take photos, play with my boxer pups, fiddle with the guitar, and play outside!