Caroline Antilla


It’s my love for the environment that really ties and holds all my interests and inspirations together; Mother Nature, being my greatest teacher and favorite of all artists. I’ve always been a bit of a wild child feel strongly connected to the outdoors and thus seek to spend as much time as possible working and recreating in nature. I have been blessed with opportunities from which I have gained experience working and living in the backcountry, including 2 summers with the Hawaii Youth Conservation Corps and 5 months serving on the NY Adirondack Trail Team with the SCA in 2011. I feel trapped indoors, uncomfortable and even sick- I need to be outside, in the sun and under the stars- and I find that working in nature is my little nook of peace in the world.

I’ve never spent time in a desert before, and am filled with curiosity and excitement about what it has in store for us in the upcoming months!!

Random things that I’ve come to acknowledge about myself: I believe that some of the best interactions can exist with little or even no words exchanged. I’m a bit rebellious when it comes to systematical configuration. I enjoy the combination of sweet and salty tastes. I melt at anything ‘baby’. I love waking up in new places. Enjoy creating things by hand. Love getting dirty. Love the smells of fresh baked bread, ripe mango, the air after rain, and basil. Hugs, pretty much fuel my existence.

I am deeply grateful for this opportunity! Can’t wait to meet the crew and get to work!

From the Big Island of Hawaii