Cara Madden’s Monthly TTOC Update – April


• Developing brochure to market GAP SBN to trail users
• Planning networking event to further generate discussion among GAP SBN members about sustainable success in their businesses
• Updated member profiles on, complete with updated leaf ranking illustration
• Posting weekly blogs to

Fundraiser Event
• Coordinating a fundraising event in Connellsville that will benefit the community gardens in the trail towns. Proceeds will go to purchase seeds, plants, and tools for existing and future community gardens.

• Ohiopyle is implementing an Adopt-A-Bioswale program where businesses will maintain the bioswales in exchange for an advertising sign. I attended the April Ohiopyle Borough Council Meeting where the council approved the Adopt-A-Bioswale business package that I submitted. The package includes a letter introducing the Adopt-A-Bioswale program, a contract to be signed between a business and the Ohiopyle Borough, and a mock-up of the sign. With the council’s approval, the project is getting underway.

West Newton
• I attended the Downtown West Newton, Inc. (DWNI) Design Committee meeting in March. One of my projects this year will be to design a walking tour of the historic sites in downtown West Newton.
• I attended the April Westmoreland Yough Trail Counil (WYTC) meeting. There will be a 5K run starting at the GAP trailhead in West Newton on Saturday May 12.

Atlantic Canada
• On April 11, the TTOC interns gave a presentation about the TTOC program and our individual projects to Atlantic Canada, a Canadian tourism group. They visited the area to learn about the Trail Town Program’s initiatives, and to look into implementing similar projects in their communities.

Trail Town Summit
• On May 2, the TTOC interns participated in the 2012 Trail Town Summit. Here, individuals representing the different trail towns gathered to network and provide updates about happenings in the different towns. We gave a presentation about the projects we have been working on, and our goals for the year.