Caption Contest: And the winner for January is…


Photo credit: Evan Kutzler from SCA’s I heart Snow photo contest 2011

And the winner of the Jan 2012 Caption Contest is…Jayelle Cumberledge with…

NO! NO! Please don’t scream, you’ll cause an avalan–

Other top contenders included:

  • Our hero discovers that badgers sleeping under the snow can be a bit moody.
  • They said I would be measuring moisture content, not become a part of it!
  • Head tartar; dinner is served.
  • Ya gotta tell a guy before you put the outhouse over a new hole!
  • I gotta pee!
  • I have an itch on my nose!

Jayelle won cool SCA gear like a travel mug or water bottle. If you want to add cool SCA gear to your collection, make sure you “like”  SCA’s Facebook page to get our updates and feeds.

Here’s what the photographer, Evan, had to say when he submitted his photo:
“It’s sort of like getting burried in the sand, only colder. The person in the picture is standing up. I’ll leave it up to you to figure out how the scenario was created.”

So, this is our next question: How do you think the scenario was created?