Canyon Conservation Crusaders


Grand Canyon Nursery

By ASB Group 2
Grand Canyon

After the vigilant effort to round up warm gear for the freezing bones of campers, the second night brought more warmth than the first. Another soul satisfying, belly warming breakfast, set the mode for a productive day. The group was divided into 5 teams. 3 teams ventured to the boundary of the Grand Canyon National Park to put up boundary fence signs. These signs will help to inform visitors and deter poachers. Along with being beneficial for the park, the hike along the boundary was highly enjoyable. The San Francisco Peaks were visible in the distances and Humphrey’s Peak was particularly breathtaking. The boundary fence group was also able to observe wildlife in the forest. One of the most interesting animals spotted was a beautiful brown horse which was rather photogenic. 2 groups spent the day working at the nursery. One of the groups was re-organizing the plants brought in from the CVIP salvage project. The other group planted acorns and re-plotted plants. The nursery group had the opportunity to hike back to camp through forest rarely explored by park visitors. Today’s weather has been beyond perfect for any outdoor activity here in the canyon. As the week progresses the group has grown closer together working like a well-oiled happy machine. Now the group eagerly awaits another delicious curry dinner and makes plans for there fun-filled day off.

Greetings from the Canyon
-Canyon Conservation Crusaders

This is also the fifteenth entry in our ongoing series, Photograph Fantastique, in which we count down 50 days until the Unofficial Official Start of High Season for conservation programs.