Caitlin McGuire


My name is Caitlin McGuire and I was born and raised in Washington. I hail from a tiny, tiny town in the Southwestern corner of the state on the Columbia River, but I have attended a college in Massachusetts for the last several years. I double majored in International Relations and Cultural Anthropology at Boston University and also lived in a cooperative house for most of undergraduate career with 23 other female students. While living in the Northeast, I spent a great deal of time pining for the Northwest and I am thrilled to return to my “homeland” and explore an entirely new section of it through the Wilderness Ranger Corps and grow my appreciation of the beautiful corner of the world that is the Pacific Northwest. I enjoy hiking, camping, all types of exploration, learning slang in foreign languages to compensate for my general ineptitude of other languages, fixing/breaking things on my bicycle, baking, cooking, learning new things, reading, discovering new facts about obscure geographic regions, and perusing used book stores.