Bye Education Season and Hello Conservation Season!


By: Ariana Inman

It’s cold! The snow is relentless! And after living through 20 winters, I still can’t quite prepare myself for the numb toes, red cheeks, a running nose, and endless shoveling of Noreasters! Unfortunately for us Corps members, today we have yet another snow day. Normally, I would be one to cheer for such an occasion. However, as education season is coming to a close, I find myself genuinely sad to be leaving Colrain Central School. My hope is that the snow will stop long enough for me to say goodbye to the students.

I have had a great time collaborating with my teaching partner. Let me tell you, we have been making it rain in Colrain! The school is so welcoming. With just over 100 students, Colrain has just enough going on to keep things interesting. Yet, it is small enough to allow one student the chance to make personal connections with many friends and staff. For me, Colrain has started to feel like family, a place where I belong. Though I have been teaching lessons, I think I have learned more from the students than they have from me. I truly value the time I have spent at Colrain and will always hold it in high regard.

It is an interesting time here in the woods of Hawley. We, ten-month members, are eagerly anticipating the arrival of the five-month members. We look forward to revamping the community. And let’s be real, we are also ready for some fresh faces around here. Our population will increase dramatically with the addition of 7 new people. It may even push the carrying capacity! (Especially regarding water).

 So, as I prepare myself mentally for conservation season, I find myself anxious. I have done trail work in the past, and I have found that I can never quite prepare myself for what is in store. It is always physically and mentally draining. However, trail work is quite rewarding in retrospect. Not only do you get a lot done, serving America, but you get really close to your compadres. My closest friends in life are the ones that have dug dirt with me. Yay…time to get buff n’ tuff after learning some stuff!