The Brighter Side of News


These stories may not have the drama of falling birds or giant ice shelves breaking free, but they do a little to lighten my enviro-heart. At the same time, my inner skeptic can’t help but ask: Are these law-makers legit? And do sportsmen really appreciate nature the same way that I do? As environmentalists, doesn’t it seem like we just have to take what we can get?

Bills on Climate Move to Spotlight in New Congress
The New York Times
January 7, 2007
Legislation to control global warming that once had a passionate but quixotic ring to it is now serious business. Congressional Democrats are increasingly determined to wrest control of the issue from the White House and impose the mandatory controls on carbon dioxide emissions that most smokestack industries have long opposed.

Conservation Group, Union Joining Forces
The Washington Post
January 16, 2007
The Union Sportsmen’s Alliance is getting behind conservation efforts as a way to protect’s sportsmen’s rights. Worried that hunters and anglers are being barred from prime playgrounds, the Union Sportsmen’s Alliance will push for increased federal conservation funding and for access to public lands.