Breaking Barriers…With Paint


This past Friday a few of us were lucky enough to skip town and head to New York for an SCA Earth Day volunteer project. We met up with some members of the Hudson Valley Corps, local SCA interns, and staff members to team up with volunteers from Hudson River Park on a service project. We spent the afternoon priming barriers white and two lovely shades of blue along a pedestrian and bike path at Pier 25. The next day the park hosted another group of volunteers to paint a mural along the path. It was a fun-filled day and a great opportunity to meet other SCA members in the area, do something beneficial for the community, eat good pizza, and do some people watching in downtown New York. Some favorites of the day were a bike with a pretty spectacular display of mirrors, and a dad who told his two daughters “I have magic eyes”. You may have had to be there for that last one but it was pretty weird and hilarious. One of the best things about working for the SCA is the many opportunities to volunteer in various communities and the great people you meet within the organization, Friday was a pretty great opportunity for both!

-Stacy, Jenna & Jill