The Bittersweet End to Building Benches


Now that our trail was finished all we needed to do was build the benches and trashcan holder in order to complete our project. But we ran into a few bumps along the road, at first the wood wasn’t in on time and when it came in it wasn’t the correct kind. Luckily Bobby was nice enough to take it to the store and exchange it that same day. In the meantime we were doing trail maintenance to other trails around the park. We cut down a few trees and plants in order to widen the already used trails.

By the next day we met Bobby at a new site where we had access to electricity in order to use their power tools. We were shown what the end result was suppose to look like, what measurements needed to be done and how to put it all together. The crew once again worked together as a team and this time finished three benches and a trashcan holder in two days! I honestly smile every time I look back and see all of the hard work they did in only three and two days, those numbers still blow my mind.

On our final day we arrived to our trail in order to place the benches and trashcan holder. Although, before we did that we gave Mike and Bobby one of the SCA shirts so that they could always remember us. We were even able to get them to put it on for a few pictures.

We began to dig a few holes in the ground and fill them with cement in order to secure them in. We had finished before noon and now our project was officially complete, the trail was officially open for the public to enjoy. Our crew had also finished their last day at this site and would be getting ready to work at a new site the following week. For many of us it was a bittersweet feeling to leave the site we had first began with but we all knew that this day had to come and it would be the first of many. Having that said we said our goodbyes and parted ways.