Bianca Moravec


            Hello my name is Bianca Moravec and I am originally from Fergus Falls, Minnesota. I am currently attending North Dakota State University and I am majoring in Zoology with a minor in Botany and Natural Resource Management. During the school year I volunteer at the Red River Zoo in Fargo and help the Zoo keepers with Diet prep for the animals and I also walk dogs and groom cats at the local humane society. I have always loved animals and they will always hold a special place in my heart.

            The ACE VUS Team program in Nashville, TN would be my first program with the SCA. I have always been interested in conservation work and helping the world become a better place for all the organisms that we share the planet with; so, joining the SCA helps me put some of my plans into action. I hope to participate in more programs with the Student Conservation Association in the future and will contribute as much as I can.


            When not learning or working on school-related things, I enjoy reading, playing my violin, and helping others. I love to travel and see new places: One place that I visit very often is Czech Republic to visit my family. I fly overseas either once or twice a year to visit my mother, grandmother, and other family members that live close by. My favorite color is pink and my favorite animal of all time is the white tiger- they’re SO beautiful!