Best of NPS Academy 2013, Great Smoky Mountain National Park


Session 2 of NPS Academy 2013 commenced on March 10 at Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Here are some highlights from a week of training and camaraderie amongst a diverse group of conservation-minded young people.

“Lance, our facilitator, spoke on the importance of a key element in all relationships, including our own with the NPS: trust. Without trust, Lance explained, few personal and professional relationships can take root and thrive. Within the SCA, being entrusted with caring for our nation’s natural resources is the first step in becoming an active and successful intern.” – Apoorva Mahajan, NPS Academy, March 12, Great Smoky

“While we were hiking this morning, even though it was a little cold, I couldn’t help but get lost in the beauty that was around me. The stream flowing down, the green moss sneaking through the rocks; it was all so peaceful. As someone who hikes, I felt completely in my element.” – Cori E. Renton, NPS Academy, March 13, Great Smoky


“Our individual cultural backgrounds, too, play a role in shaping our service in the NPS and SCA. Even as a diverse group of various backgrounds and upbringings, we found that what we have in common – a commitment to preserving the environment – far outweighs our differences. By appreciating and embracing our diversity, we can provide the best possible service to our nation’s diverse people and landscape.” – Apoorva MahajanNPS Academy, March 12, Great Smoky


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