Best of NPS Academy 2013, Grand Teton National Park


On March 4, a culturally and geographically diverse bunch of students gathered with SCA in the Grand Tetons to learn what it takes to run a national park. Here are a few highlights from the week.

“On the second day we did a lot. We learned how to sing in harmony on long bus rides, put on snow shoes, walk in knee high snow, and determine what animal had walked along the snowy trail by studying their tracks. It was a learning experience full of laughter and faces filled with snow, and I’m positive none of us are likely to forget it. The most memorable moment was when we shared the personal roots that lead us to the National Park Service.” – Victor Thornton, NPS Academy, March 4th, Grand Teton National Park


“The theme of the program today was diversity found in people and spaces. Throughout the week so far we have discovered various people involved with NPS in the form of archaeologists, vegetation restoration specialists, youth educators, historians set on preserving park history, park rangers, scientists, volunteers, students, interpreters, policy makers, managers… The list is endless, because the diversity of roles and responsibilities people must take on for the NPS cause calls for people of all backgrounds and professions to involve themselves in efforts to preserve America’s national parks. In the midst of this diversity, I would like to point out that big thing that seems to connect these people is their absolute love for what they do.” – Jalissa Frederick, NPS Academy, March 5th,Grand Teton National Park


“The great thing about making great connections is that great discussions can come from them. We learned so much about where people come from and how their experiences shape who they are, in more ways than one. I believe we all saw the importance of getting to know people and their culture as we work to come together.” – Victor Thornton, NPS Academy, March 6th, Grand Teton National Park


Harlem Shake, Grand Tetons style: