Ben “Brogans” Henry


Hi, my name is Ben. I hail from Southeastern Ohio, where I am pursueing a degree in Natural Resources Law Enforcement. In my spare time I do pottery, I love going creeking and collecting clay to use in my pieces. My goal is to one day build my own chess set out of clay. I grew up backpacking, and have gotten into rock climbing this past year. My love for nature started when I was a young lad looking at the stars in the sky and listening to barn owls hoot in the evenings. This is my second season with the Veteran Fire Corps and I believe in what it does for veterans in teaching us skills valuable for future job related experience and the importance of conservation, while giving us people of similar back grounds to help ease transition from military service. I believe that veterans have a desire to help the world and to continue service to the communities and this program is great at providing the chance for us to do just that.  Anyway I’m looking forward to another great summer and meeting everyone, hopefully we even get to see some fire. After all LIFE IS LIKE A FIRELINE, DIG IT!