Beginning Buffelgrass


The crew has been killin’ it out here in Arizona. Recently we’ve been working at Saguaro National Park. The Saguaro crew has been awesome. We’ve been doing a lot of training, learning about Buffelgrass, doing systematic mapping, and getting used to walking across the desert for 10 hours a day in 110 degree heat. We are pretty hardcore.

We met a gila monster, visited the Desert Museum, harvested Saguaro fruit with members of the Tohono O’odham Nation, saw a few desert tortoises, a horny lizard, rattle snakes, found a good looking arrow head, saw some petroglyphs and found another in a cave, and got close and personal with too many chollas. Snake chaps? Yes please.

Previous to Saguaro we spent some time even further south working at Coronado National Memorial and Chiricahua National Monument. We pulled Lehmann Lovegrass and London Rocket off the side of a mountain, up rock formations, along roads, and in an open meadow along the Mexican-US border wall.

Our first month was spent doing camping hitches, which were awesome. We made some serious back country meals and saw some pretty great night skies. But now that the monsoons are a’comin, Buffelgrass season has begun. We are back to living in Tucson, getting up before the sun, and getting to know our city by night. It’s a pretty cool city. And now that we all have bikes, the city is our oyster.

Sending warmth and desert sunsets.

SEAZ crew