It’s hard to believe it’s already August. The Corps have 5 weeks left here at Neighbor to Neighbor and we are making these last few weeks count!

In the past month, the Corps have been delivering contest rewards to our partners, meeting with old and new coalition partners, and attending fun summer events. And as Kate mentioned below, we ended the lighting program!

Last Thursday, Kevin and I went on the last lighting visit of the program. Yes, it was devastating. We will never again pack the car with bulbs, carry the ladder up a doorstep, and be surrounded by random, cute pets. We changed around 30 light bulbs and had a great time. I will miss spending quality time with my fellow Corps members on lighting visits!

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the All Corps get together and Outdoor Nation service day because I was on vacation. Now I’m back and NOT looking forward to saying good-bye to all of my wonderful coworkers and Corps members.

– Bijal