August 6-August 10


On August 6, four crew members summited Longs Peak, while corps-member Sam Bowen stayed back to work with fire one last time, having the opportunity to see Smokey the Bear in action spreading FIREWISE which is basically fire prevention and mitigation techniques, and co-ordinating with the back country rangers to go on a trip with them later in the week. Corps-member Andrew Novak who was the first on the list got deployed to respond as a severity resource to Northern California and Southern Oregon on this day. On the next day though the rest of the crew re-united and said farewell to Sam who was going to spend three days in the Never Summer Wilderness helping to enforce the rules and regulations that a wilderness area entails, and to do upkeep on the current trails. The other four of us were sent to Twisted Ankle trail our goal was to reroute the old trail into a trail that can be sustained. To do this we had to punch in 1.1 miles of new trail. We started out the first day cutting the swath to put the trail in and walking the trail lay out. The next three days we spent swinging McClouds, and Pulaski’s live a wave of justice and succeeded in putting in the entire 1.1 miles of trail by 4:30 PM on August 10th.