August 13-16


On Tuesday the crew attended a safety meeting for the district where we were given district safety awards for the mindset and practices we utilized the entire summer while working, successfully identify communicating and mitigating risk for the entire season. After the meeting and award ceremony the crew went up to Meadow Creek where we had a fuels reduction project in the dispersed campgrounds, allowing the dispersed camp sites to be utilized once again, here we followed up behind a shot crew that was there earlier in the season. This is our last project together, with the corps-members leaving through out next week, to return to school, or to pursue future wildfire opportunities. Corps-member Andrew Novak will miss a few days of school due to his assignment being extended working on the Corral Complex Fire, Eric Spangle will be on another SCA VFC in the fall working in Arizona, with project leader Mike Madalena, Paul Dobmeyer will be returning to school in Chicago, Sam Bowen will be returning to Michigan and is intending to try to get on an engine with a near by forest, on at least the AD rate. Ben Henry has accepted a job to lead a VFC in the Black Hills in the fall, and Project Leader Tim Gurnett will be returning to school. The team is sad that the season is over, and it still feels like yesterday when we are reported to South Dakota, having to reflect over the summer, we realize how each of us has grown as a person and with a conservation mind-set and would like to thank the Student Conservation Association for the opportunity we had this summer.