ASB Volunteers Rescue Plants in the Grand Canyon


Volunteers get to work

ASB Volunteers at Work

by Molly Lundberg

Today was the first day of work. After a night spent singing around the campfire, the crew was eager for the hard labor. However, they first had to wait a bit longer, and decided to play a game. Leaping into each other’s arms to the tune of “Row, Row, Row your Boat” drew some interesting glances from passersby.

The morning was spent learning plant salvaging techniques that would be applied for the rest of the week. The crew donned their new, shvanky, neon-tangerine vests proclaiming their status as VIP’s (volunteers in park).

Lunch on the rim of the canyon with Alison, a park geologist, was highlighted by a summary of the basic geology of the area.  She came equipped with a life-size condor model, a geologic timeline of the earth, and a passion for the fifth dimension of the canyon (that is, the spiritual significance that the canyon brings to the individual beholding it).

After lunch, the crew continued rescuing pinon, juniper, cliffrose, yucca, and many others. The volunteers saw their efforts come to fruition when all the rescued plants were gathered together. The field was covered with pots and flats of salvaged plants, ready to be reintroduced to their new, safer habitat. At day’s end, some crew members were fortunate enough to see one of the fabled condors soaring high above the canyon.

The crew’s accolades on this sunny day are surely a sign of good things to come.