ASB Shish-Kai-Blog


By ASB Group 2
March 25, 2009
Grand Canyon

Today was the group’s opportunity to do as they liked. Whether it was relaxation or hiking the sixteen-mile round trip to the Grand Canyon’s bottom (the Colorado River), leisure was the main objective. There were many options including taking a tour of the Grand Canyon’s private artifact collection, cultural and natural. Members hiked various trails ranging as far west to Hermit’s trail at dripping springs to as far East to South Kaibab Trial to the fantastic lookout called Skeleton point.

The group who hiked Hermit’s trail had an interesting time getting to know each other while soaking in the stunning views of the Grand Canyon. They had a fun time getting to know each other while on the trail. For the group who had the chance to experience the spectacular skylines and canyon vistas via the Kaibab Trail, little was left to yearn for. The initial descent down the challenging but rewarding ‘chimney’, a drastic drop in altitude, was filled with many interactions with people riding atop mules and meeting with long term SCA participants working on trail maintenance. While the trip down was quite easy, the five-mile trip was rather tedious on the way back up.

For those who wanted a lighter start to the day had the opportunity to visit a collection of artifacts from rocks, animal bones, plants, clay pots, bowls, projectiles, axes and spear sharpeners.

Kristi, Park Service Staff Member, wrapped up the evening by leading a campfire conversation about solar energy while SCA members enjoyed delicious s’mores. Kristi and SCA members had an engaging conversation about the pros and cons of using solar energy. The conversation extended later into the evening and we covered several topics ranging from U.S. government policy to the general American attitude toward environmentalism.

Overall, SCA members had a satisfying day. They were happy to have time to themselves to experience the Grand Canyon in all its splendor. They went to bed tired, a little sun burnt, and ready for another day of volunteering in Grand Canyon National Park.

This is also the sixteenth entry in our ongoing series, Photograph Fantastique, in which we count down 50 days until the Unofficial Official Start of High Season for conservation programs.