ASB Grand Canyon Kick Off


By Molly Lundberg, Sam Keller, and Rebecca Pike

grand canyon - alternative spring 2009 break kick off

The Alternative Spring Break program got off to a wonderful start on March 8th when staff arrived at the Grand Canyon. The drive up (literally) from Phoenix offered a wonderful example of how diverse the state of Arizona is in elevation and, therefore, weather and vegetation.

Everyone’s preconceived notion of the Grand Canyon was of a well staffed visitor’s park and a breathtaking canyon. What was not expected was the residential community of nearly 2000 people. An extended tour through the park’s road system uncovers residential homes, a school and library. It makes one wonder to think how it would feel to grow up and live in a place like the Grand Canyon National Park.

The first week of the ASB program is being spent on preparation for the 60 members who will be coming over the next two weeks. The kitchen coordinator, Emily Coulter, has been working on menu plans and kitchen organization. Sam Keller and Molly Lundberg, the crew leaders, have been getting to know that park, the future work sites and camp organization. The program coordinator, Rebecca Pike, arrived early and has filled in all the gaps. She is working hard on everything from site set-up, work plans, member travel matrices to photographing and measuring the inside of park shuttles.

The SCA staff has hit the ground running, fast! As the giant kitchen tent was erected and our base camp started to take shape the excitement for Alternative Spring Break has grown. The staff is working diligently and awaiting the arrival of our first batch of 30 members. The Grand Canyon, however, is quietly eroding, unaware of the impact that 60 dedicated college students are about to make.

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