Arapaho 2 VFC Member Elder Pyatt


My name is Elder Pyatt and I currently live in Huntsville Texas.  I am a full time college student attending Sam Houston State university, and I am majoring in business admin.  I served in U.S. Army from 2004-2008 and was a 63b(All Wheel Mechanic), out of Fort Hood Texas.  I am looking forward to moving back home to the northwest to attend the University of Washington for graduate school.  There are a few things that I believe in very strongly: The highest distinction a person can attain is service to their community, continued self improvement, and always keep positive.   This internship lets me take the summer off of school and build credentials that should serve me well in the future.  The education grant is not a bad deal either. I am exited to meet every one, and I look forward to a challenging yet rewarding experience.