ARAMARK internship program promotes sustainability


The 2012 ARAMARK Environmental Sustainability Internship Program serves a dual purpose of supporting a sustainable planet, while providing job training to its interns at the same time. ARAMARK hires young professionals in partnership with the Student Conservation Association (SCA), who are keen to make a career that has a social and environmental impact. The program helps these youngsters understand practically how environment sustainability can exist with a business environment.

The 2012 internship program hired 17 young people, and will provide them hands-on job experience as they execute environmental solutions for the company’s clients. ARAMARK’s clients include universities, schools, businesses and others located across the U.S. and the U.K.

Jamie Patten, SVP of Marketing for SCA, said: “Sustainability is not just good for the environment, (but) it’s also good for business and essential to our future. The fact that many of the first-year ARAMARK interns have already been hired into full time jobs with the company and other corporations is indicative of the program’s genuine value and the important need these interns are fulfilling.”

A number of sustainability initiatives are implemented with the help of ARAMARK interns, which include reducing energy use at the company’s client locations, and thereby reducing their carbon footprint. Other initiatives include minimizing the use of bottled water, and minimizing and composting food waste. The company hires several interns in permanent positions to help incorporate environmental practices and inculcate corporate responsibility into jobs that are not traditionally recognized as typical environmental jobs.

Kathy Cacciola, ARAMARK Senior Director of Environmental Sustainability, said: “We recognize that our workforce is evolving and changing and we are looking at ways to better engage young people by designing career opportunities around our shared interests. Today’s generation want to be connected to issues and concerns they care about such as corporate responsibility and environmental sustainability. Through this program, we are tapping into their enthusiasm and sustainability expertise to help implement client solutions in this area.”