April Mount Rainier Update and Gross Generalizations


As of today I have been at SCA HQ for six months. Always one to make gross generalizations and sweeping over simplifications, so why not try to sum up SCA? The Student Conservation Association gets things done. From urban renewal projects to trail building, desert restoration, and large scale projects like the Mt. Rainier Recovery, SCA is out there swinging that pickaxe. At the same time, SCA is not some giant robotic organization, pumping out clones, yes sir good job, mouth shut, head down. Indeed, quite the opposite. SCA continues to grow but still maintains the independent spirit, dirty hands, and toothy grin that it was founded on.

And just in time to prove my point, we received these photos today from Jill Baum and fabulous Field Coordinator, Willie Ehrenclou, who have been at Rainier for a week and a half now.

So far we’ve been busy beating the bushes for corps members and projects, as well as figuring out how to use the radio and which key fits which lock. The mountain has graced us with her presence several times, as have a few snow falls — it’s positively beautiful, even with all the flood destruction. – Jill