Anthony Peters


Featured Earthsaver for the #Next100

SCA's Earthsaving volunteers and program participants are gaining the skills and experience they'll need to lead conservation into the next century. As an SCA alum who has led or participated in 14 SCA crews over the past 9 years, and who continues to support SCA events in the DC region year-round, Anthony Peters is actively helping to lead conservation into the next century. #Next100SCA


What’s your SCA story? 

I first heard of SCA as a junior in high school and I’ll admit I was a little skeptical at first to be going out of my comfort zone. However, by the time I completed my first program, I confirmed my love for the outdoors, formed lasting friendships with individuals who shared the same passions, and realized the personal impact I could make on the parks. Now here I am nine years later: I have led nine Community and CLC crews here in the DC area, and have been a member on five other National and Community crews. Growing up in DC makes my SCA story unique because most people in the city do not develop the same respect and appreciation of the outdoors as I have –- for that, I am forever grateful for SCA and the opportunities it has offered me to serve my planet. 

Who inspires you to serve the planet?

The younger generations of leaders and stewards are my inspiration and motivation to serve our great planet. I cherish each day I get to educate youth about how important our public lands and parks are. The best part is, I get to teach them through a hands-on approach in an outdoor setting and help them gain valuable life skills such as how to maintain good work ethic and work well in a team setting, and most importantly how to have fun doing it. I am also inspired by my SCA program manager who has taught me how to run a meaningful and productive program; she makes me excited to want be in her shoes one day. I can reach out to her or anyone at SCA for anything — they are like my second family and have always supported me from day one. 

Tell us about one of your favorite service experiences.

One of my favorite service experiences with SCA was accomplishing the laborious and fulfilling task of building three bridges in Rock Creek Park, and later being recognized by the Coalition for Recreational Trails. The most memorable part of building those bridges was the gratitude expressed by the people walking the trails as they watched us work. They were so thankful for our work which really inspired us and boosted our morale on even the toughest of days. For our service, we were awarded the Annual Achievement Award for Outstanding Youth of Recreation Trails Program. The acknowledgement proved that the work we do is important and does not go unnoticed.

What’s your next earthsaving goal?

My next earthsaving goal is to obtain a full-time position where I can work to discover and engage future conservation leaders. I want to help new generations of students feel the same excitement I felt about protecting our parks when I first joined SCA over nine years ago.