Another Week of Awesome


This week we finished a project for the Rio Salado. It consisted of digging 2 trenches about a football field long. We also dug a pond and filled it with river rocks. On Wednesday, the Mayor of the City of Phoenix, the Arizona Director of the BLM, and the National Director of the BLM showed up to see the work we did and do some finishing touches. They put the last three rocks into the rock walls we built and planted trees in front of the rock walls. There was also a ribbon cutting for the project to show that the project was finished. During our time at the Rio Salado we had two high school classes come and we explained what we were doing and who we are and how they can get involved in the program as well.

Thursday we went to a place called the Audubon, which is a restoration area that used to be a landfill located just on the other side of the Rio Salado. We pulled out fountain and buffle grass that were native to the area. We also dug holes and filled them with soil for plant growth.

Lastly, Friday we went to Saguaro Lake to do some biology, which consisted of drawing nature. We had fun hiking a small trail and swiming in Saguaro Lake. We have accomplished so much this week with hard work and dedication. Next week we all receive our chainsaw certifications in Prescott.

Until next time, be safe and wear pretection.